Oregon Trail

After playing three times, I managed to earn two spots in the top ten score. However, the first game I did die after poor weather and getting sick. The game isn’t hard to beat as long as you trade properly and hunt for food. My strategy was at the beginning of the game to buy the maximum amount of wagon parts due to them being the most valuable and harder to replenish. Also, I bought lots of ammunition and about one hundred pounds of food. The game recommends an absurd amount of food to buy at the beginning that would waste all your money. But buying ammunition and hunting, food isn’t an issue when one grizzly bear is about a hundred pounds of food. Having large amounts of food at once was great for trade so I rarely ran out of supplies. What I found the most interesting was how quickly someone would die after having a broken leg. I had more people die in the three times I played die by having a broken leg than they did dysentery. The key to surviving and winning the game is to rest constantly especially when the health goes to “poor.” Resting slows down the journey but members of the wagon train are least likely to die and tend to recover.