Oregon Trail

I have survived the strenuous crossing and reached Oregon with two of my children alive, one of whom survived Cholera without succumbing to dysentery. Unfortunately my wife and youngest died, though it was her fault for getting lost and losing us five days. Altogether the experience was extremely enjoyable and offered a good strategic challenge which relates in some small way to the actual hardships of emigrating across the country. One element I found interesting was the regularity with which Native Americans helped my party avoid starvation. This is an important change in the narrative of the west from their depictions as savages to elements without which the west could never have been settled. By talking with some of them at various stops, you feel sorry that the march of American settlement destroyed their way of life. Despite the simplicity of the game, it delivers an effective narrative and insight on to a different perspective on the west than John Ford westerns or dime store novels.