Oregon Trail

Regardless of the fact that myself and everyone else in my wagon died half way through the trail, I really enjoyed this game. Thinking games are my favorite and this one takes actual strategy. When I was initially buying supplies at the beginning I was just doing what ever the store owner suggested, assuming that would be enough. However, when I play again I think that I would spend much more money at the beginning because you never know what will be available to trade on the trail. Also, I learned that you should almost always wait for the ferry to cross water, trying to go through it or float over the water usually ends in disaster.

The NPR article was very interesting to read right after playing the game. The creators of the game truly succeeded in finding a way to market history to the masses and make something that is fun and educational. The part in the game that was really great was when you would reach a landmark on the trail, the player can choose the option to look around. While the animations of the landmarks are cartoonish and not very accurate, they still provide information about the amazing places that migrants would have run in to on the Oregon Trail.

-Anna Turcott