Oregon Trail

Some miraculous way I made it across the Oregon Trail to Oregon. However, myself and one other friend lost our lives along the way due to dissentary and drowning while crossing a river. Along the way came many diseases such as fevers, measles, and dissentary. Also there were many broken arms and two dead oxen’s. In the end I made it to Oregon with $226.50 with 3 people in poor health, 1 wagon, 5 oxen, 4 spare wagon parts, 2 sets of clothing, 23 bullets, and 148 pounds of food. In the end I made 2064 points. This game was extremely interesting to see not only the many different ways someone can get sick or die, but the different challenges travelers faced while crossing the frontier. I understand why people enjoyed this game so much.  As a future teacher I found this game as an interesting way to teach students about the west and challenges the frontier brought.


-Mckenzie Dowdy