On the Oregon Trail

I, like most people, have never played the Oregon Trail. I ended up playing it twice. The first time and I put all of my closest friends. I started off as the farmer, I figured that being the farmer they would “know” how to survive in all kinds of weather and conditions, I was wrong. Twenty-five minutes in and everyone was killed off, they either died of exhaustion or some form of disease. It was stressful when it came to figuring out what to purchase at the shops with very little money as a farmer. My character died of exhaustion in the first round.

The second time I played it, I lasted longer than the first time. I never made it to Oregon City, I was about three or four landmarks away from Oregon City. I knew what to purchase what, how much, and when. My character was also a banker the second time around, so I had more money to buy supplies with. Unfortunately, there were no second chances for the pioneers who ventured out on the original Oregon Trail.

Overall, I enjoyed playing this game. I might just have to play it a third time just to see if I make it all the way to Oregon. I would definitely use this as a class activity in my future classes. It was very entertaining and educational. It definitely shows the difficult decisions the pioneers had to make on their way to Oregon.